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  • American Public University System

    "There is so much good content, it is difficult to decide what to include, and what should be
  • YTI University

    "Danny Huffman, provided material that, as a Director of Career Services, was exactly what our students, faculty and employers were in search of for a very long
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Initial Consultation

ECS is dedicated to building long-term relationships. As our process is front-loaded, we ask serious-minded corporations and/or academic institutions to provide a syllabus, a wish list of items/topics for inclusion, high resolution images/photos for inclusion, and samples, charts, or proprietary elements to be sent directly to our secure site for review and consultation.

The process of creating material specific for your academic institution or organization begins by examining your philosophies, applications, budget, and mission.

In the beginning of our partnership, we will review current core material, including specific workbooks and guidebooks upon request, as a foundation while we construct your deliverable. Throughout development days and/or weeks you will receive pdf updates for review, edit, and input. The final product will be reviewed and approved by you.

The finished product will carry your colors, logo, branding, pictures, and advertisements (if you choose to have any incorporated). Resume samples, cover letter samples, charts, schedules, etc. will be created based upon your career department bucket list.

Our experienced staff of professionally certified writers is accessible and always at your service.

Because we are interested only in long term partnerships, there are no set up charges, no editing charges, no revision charges, etc. Ultimately, all front-end work is complementary. Our average contract commitment ranges from two years to five years. During the contract period, all revisions, updates, etc. remain complementary. Thus, if you decide to replace or update samples, images, text, or logos each semester, there is no charge.

Naturally there will be no cost increase during the contract time as well.

To better realize the high standard product and services ECS offers it would be a privilege to send several referrals within our network family members. In this capacity, you will come to see how our process runs smoothly and how the final product is of high standard.