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Mission Possible

When all that stands between you and employment is a background check that will uncover criminal history, substance abuse, or credit issues, you need a proven strategy to overcome a problematic past. Letís face the fact: it will be hard, requiring extra work on your end. Together, with this workbook, you can and will overcome this challenge.

If youíre burdened by social, economic, and employment roadblocks, sometimes this will seem like a hopeless fight. Do NOT give up! Success can be yours. Learn how patience, persistence, realistic expectations, and a strong support system protects, promotes, and empowers you. Within these pages youíll find straight-shooting advice, activities, examples, andómost importantlyótruth.

  • You deserve a second chance; learn how you can get one
  • Educate yourself on the Ďbenefits vs. risksí system of hiring that managerís use
  • Develop effective career material highlighting your strengths instead of your past
  • Know the common mistakes that over 90% of individuals with employment barriers make
  • Uncover how to counter concerns about your past in your documents, your interview, and in-person
  • Cultivate realistic expectations without feeling overwhelmed; itís easy to feel discouraged but donít be
  • Even as an individual with employment barriers, you have rights that can protect you from discrimination; discover them now.

Everyone needs to work and many of us need a second chance. Let us show you how to get both! How long are you willing to wait to get that second chance? These strategies are proven to work and backed by leading industry professionals. Donít be fooled by others, this process is a difficult undertaking; but itís not too lateóin fact, itís never too late.

80 pages

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