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Comprehensive Manuals

$47.67 (for all six books/total package)

Re-charge and Re-energize Your Job Search: "Your Complete Career Portfolio/Management Six-Book Series"

After a decade of developing cutting-edge professional courseware, ECS now offers proven strategies for the individual seeking a distinct competitive advantage. A must have for the serious job seeker, the unemployed, the underemployed, the graduate, and the veteran seeking transitional guidance.

Christian HELP, Central Florida Employment Council, and Education Career Services joined forces to bring a cutting edge career life-cycle program designed for one purpose: Career Success. Throughout each workbook, the active reader is introduced to a wide range of career strategies and techniques to enhance personal and professional development.

It’s true: Finding a job is hard. Maintaining a job is harder. Gaining recognition and promotions are the hardest. If you are ready to be a superstar on the job, you are ready for the most effective career management program on the market. The six-part total package consists of the following independent books:

Session 1: "Creating Your Job Search Plan" (44 pages)
Session 2: "Crafting Your Cover Letter and Resume" (60 pages)
Session 3: "Networking in the Digital Age" (48 pages)
Session 4: "Job Search Tactics" (56 pages)
Session 5: "Interviewing and Impressions" (52 pages)
Session 6: "Performance Excellence" (52 pages)

If you are a transitioning veteran, unemployed, underemployed, an entry-level job seeker, an executive, or a graduate, there is no more effective professional development series on the market.



$17.97 (When purchased as a set with Veteran Transition is the Mission: A Service Provider Advantage)

Veteran Transition is the Mission: Welcome Home, Hero

Book Set Availability: March 16, 2013

It’s been quite the journey that has brought you to this point in your life, and through debates and discussions with your loved ones you’ve decided to take the next step and rejoin the civilian world.

Through no fault of your own, a “soldier mentality” can prove detrimental if you do not know how to utilize the advantages of your training and communicate them effectively in the civilian world. The fact is, there are many stereotypes, generalizations, and attitudes toward veterans. Whether it’s the media reporting how great our veterans are or how problematic they can be, the mixed feelings about them exist.

It is not up to the civilian employers to adjust to you and your standards, but for you to adjust to theirs. After all, you’re in their world now. They don’t have the slightest clue about where you’ve been or what you’ve experienced during your time in military. Truthfully, beyond curiosity, they probably don’t care. What they do care about is how you conduct yourself and what skills and expertise you can present to them.

This may be a harsh truth to swallow, but accepting this truth is the first step in the right direction.

Reflect back to your first day in boot camp, for a moment. You didn’t know what to expect, and you most likely didn’t know how to conduct yourself to the standards asked of you. It took time to learn what was expected of you and it took effort to meet those expectations. Transitioning from the military to the civilian world is no different. It will take time and effort; your future depends on it.

Though the eyes and words from a recently transitioned veteran, this book is dedicated to your success, personally as well as professionally. Page Count: 68


$17.97 (When purchased as a set with Veteran Transition is the Mission: Welcome Home, Hero)

Veteran Transition is the Mission: A Service Provider Advantage

Book Set Availability: March 16, 2013

Veterans don’t simply move from a military "job" to a civilian "job." Veterans leave one world for another, culturally and economically.

Service providers are most effective when fusing two (frequently) contradictory worlds into one congruent approach recognizing military personnel potential and depth of leadership as well as the limitations and perceptions veterans face on and off the job. This extensive book actively presents psychological, cultural, documentary, and interviewing (communicatory) best practice approaches to guiding veterans into an often non-receptive world, the civilian workforce.

Sectioned in four distinct modules, the lessons learned are beneficial to all parties, service providers, military personnel, and military personnel family members.

Module One: Two World Collision
Module Two: Skills Pay the Bills
Module Three: Connecting to Civilian Life
Module Four: Mission Accomplished

For the veteran seeking to reach the highest level of personal and professional success, both books are recommended as both delve deeply into two world views. Page count 64
Buy Both and Save!


Your Personal Career Marketing Guide & Portfolio Essentials
This career development guide covers all areas of career management, including samples, up-to-date trends, and recognized techniques for you to gain a competitive advantage. Surely a must have for any serious job seeker from entry-level to the seasoned executive. The teams behind our publishing company are professionally certified resume writers, certified employment interviewers, and certified career coaches fusing the recommendations of the NACE, APSCU, CMA, the NRWA, the PRWA/CC and the Global Thought Leaders Group. Partnering with ECS means you partner with the top career management associations and a collaboration of over 50 career professionals from across the US, benefiting from their expertise and best practice approaches. Our mission is straightforward: Empower you by developing and publishing career strategies and branded material capturing the uniqueness of your knowledge, skills, and abilities as you explore the public and private sectors. This all-inclusive guide begins with a general overview, leads into a self-analysis, progresses into document preparation, provides research tools, examines networking, interview strategies, and delves into your first 90 days on the job; (8 ½ x 11, 286 Pages).


Instructor’s Guide
This companion guide includes lecture notes, schedules, interactive exercises, forms, templates, and in-class/ homework projects to inspire confidence for the novice presenter as well as the seasoned group leader. (8 ½ x 11, 164 Pages)
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Workbooks and Guidebooks


Self-Analysis: Kick off Your Career with Knowledge
A fulfilling career is built on the foundation of self discovery and a firm grasp of your driving motivations. This full-size workbook takes you on a tour of exploration where the prize is YOU! Strong professional documents and solid goal-attainment is made easy with self-knowledge. Get to know yourself today: (8 ½ x 11, 76 Pages)


Resumes & Cover Letters: Writing to STAND OUT
With millions of people looking for work, your resume, cover letter, and follow up documents have to perform like never before. If you're thinking about turning to MS Word templates, you're already in trouble. Other books tell you what a resume is supposed to look like, this workbook will take you into resume writing strategy based on what the hiring manager needs to know - your value! Breaking a resume down into component parts, you'll learn how to build highly-targeted campaigns uniquely customized to your strengths and transferable worth that make you stand out from the competition - and once you've invested your initial time, putting together the perfect resume will take no time at all. 1. Forget about 'objectives' - brand yourself instead. 2. Employers don't read resumes.. learn why that's a good thing. 3. Leverage your strengths to make your resume the ultimate marketing document... no matter your level of experience. 4. Discover the "argument of sales" and how to make it work for you 5. Know the weight and importance of each part of the resume. 6. Define the purpose of cover letters, networking letters, and follow up letters and how their use can put you in the hiring manager's sights. Best of all, the techniques you'll develop here will serve you throughout your career; these timeless strategies work for students, entry-level candidates, and senior executives. Energize your career search with value-driven documents that make you stand out from the rest; (8 ½ x 11, 76 Pages).
"Buy Both, Self-Analysis: Kick off Your Career with Knowledge AND Resumes & Cover Letters: Writing to STAND OUT"


Overcoming Career Barriers:
When all that stands between you and employment is a background check that will uncover criminal history, substance abuse, or credit issues, you need a proven strategy for triumphing over a problematic past. This workbook is your no-nonsense guide to: 1. Increasing your value while mitigating the risk of hiring you. 2. Discovering your rights and what to do when those rights are ignored. 3. Developing the most effective career material, including resumes, cover letters, introduction letters, and explanation letters. 4. Delivering what the employer is looking for and how to counter concerns by highlighting the contributions and value you offer. 5. Uncovering job search strategies such as data analysis for open postings. 6. Cultivating realistic expectations without feeling overwhelmed. Burdened by social, economic, and employment roadblocks, beating the odds will not be easy... but can be done. Learn how patience, persistence, realistic expectations, and a strong support system will place you in the advantage. Within these pages you'll find straight-shooting advice, activities, examples, and truth. Everyone needs to work and many of us need a second chance. Let us show you how to get both. (8 ½ x 11, 80 Pages)


Job Interview Fundamentals
There’s more to interviewing than answering questions. This guidebook helps you deliver a value-based dialog with confidence and quality. Sample questions, answer strategies, questions for YOU to ask, and solid preparation is found within these pages. End sweaty palms and sleepless nights by mastering the interview before the first question is asked! (8 ½ x 11, 76 Pages)


Professional Career Networking in the Now: Digital and Traditional (4th edition)

Securing YOUR professional networking success:

Whether you're new to digital networking or a social pro, this guide brings cutting-edge techniques to get you connected with business peers on the World Wide Web and, equally important, real-world face-to-face networking. A sampling of topics being examined include: Digital Networking: 1) First impressions: Your online profile 2) Tips and tricks of the social networking trade 3) What exactly is this networking phenomenon 4) Why networking of any kind is vital to your career Modernizing Traditional Networking: 1) Networking for the shy 2) Merging networking worlds 3) Putting your networking skills to work 4) How to connect to a company of interest In our ever-changing world, career progression is dependent upon keeping in the circuit, taking advantage of digital as well as traditional networks.

(8-1/2 x 11, 64 pages)


Introduction to Federal Jobs
Learn how to find federal jobs, the best way to develop your submission documents, and how to navigate through the plentiful requirements for a complete application. Kick off your federal employment today with our help. In an environment of uncertainty, seeking and securing employment in the private sector has become one of the most difficult challenges facing qualified candidates. With no clear path to resolve an employment situation saturated by the unemployed, where does one go for guidance? Invest in a little diligence and the answer becomes clear: The federal government The federal government hires close to 300,000 people EVERY YEAR with over 1.8 million workers currently. (America's largest employer). Our government hires about two percent of the nation's civilian work force. What does this mean to you? You guessed it... Recent legislation is disproving what many think about federal job applications and careers. Truth of the matter is, the federal hiring process is becoming user-friendly as you are about to learn. Take a journey as this workbook will educate, excite, and promote your career opportunities within the federal sector where there are typically 20,000 to 30,000 jobs advertised DAILY. Federal career success does not necessarily require similar employment experience; in fact, most applicants do not have experience in the same position, field, or sector. Here is where your knowledge and preparation will go a long way as you transition or progress into the public sector. (8 ½ x 11, 76 Pages)
Quick Reference Guidebooks
Résumé 2.0
Upgrade your primary career document to the new, vanguard document strategy! This introduction to effective resumes is perfect for entering students and seasoned professionals wanting a cutting-edge document! (5 ½ x 8 ½, 12 Pages) only available in quantities of 100 or more.
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Interview Like the Star Executives
Catch up on the base skill of careers - personal presentation and the interview! Tips, hints, and a strong overview of what to expect, what’s expected of you, and how to nail the interview every time. (5 ½ x 8 ½, 12 Pages) only available in quantities of 100 or more.
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Qty 100 - $397.00
Charting Your Career Path: Optimize Your Education!
If you’re entering university, community college, or trade school, orientation helps direct your steps and make the most of our school. Integrate your education with career entry development whether the school encourages it or not! (5 ½ x 8 ½, 8 Pages) only available in quantities of 100 or more.
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