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In today’s economy, advanced education career centers as well as progressive professionals seeking competitive advantage, are searching for cost-effective alternatives to expensive and outdated services, subscriptions, and high-cost textbooks. ECS responded to this outcry by creating affordable and valuable offerings in the form of hardcopy expertise. Products within “The Career Intelligence Series” and our capstone “Your Personal Career Marketing Guide & Portfolio Essentials,” are industry leaders and recognized throughout the United States and Canada as a primary source of career development support.

ECS is an experienced career management publisher partnering with Career Service Departments across the globe. We develop, customize, and brand cost-effective full course career textbooks and single-topic guidebooks matching your academic institution’s image, applications, curriculum, and programs.

Our team of professional certified resume writers, employment interview professionals, and career coaches fuse best practices from NACE, APSCU, the Global Thought Leaders Group, the National Resume Writers Association, and the Professional Resume Writers Association while merging best practice applications into a life-long student resource. Joining our family means partnering with top career associations as well as a collaboration of over 35 contributing career directors from across the United States.

Our mission is straightforward: Empower students through our partnerships, publishing personalized career strategies and branded material capturing the uniqueness of your institution, department, and mission.

What’s in it for you, your students, and your academic institution?

  • A professional relationship where your voice is heard
  • Branded career textbooks, guidebooks, and magazines
  • Customized text, images, and samples matching your academic institution
  • A team sensitive to budgetary constraints, ECS will beat any final deliverable cost
  • Complementary start-up, development, and continuous support, including quarterly revisions

In terms of high-quality product, service, and price, be prepared to be pleasantly surprised.

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